Jim AI Studios



Phase 1

  • Launch the beta Jim Bets Telegram platform (t.me/JimBetsBot) with our first of many in house games. The game will be called Four Finger Battle, it is a Jim themed Rock Paper Scissors game.
  • @JimBetsBot crypto bot: add our bot in your Telegram channel and either recieve 1% of all wagered ETH or let the bot buy your token with it and send it to burn address.
    The bot can also post bounties: play 15 games and x token will be buyback & burned (optional, will be active in our channel).
  • 4-1 unique “In Channel” Telegram betting game launch .
  • Jim Bets Mega Millions, a lottery in our Telegram channel for $JIM holders, further incentivizing the community to hold $JIM with big prizes to be won.

Phase 2

  • Incorporate AI elements into each of our games.
  • Release more innovative PvP in-house Jim themed games for Telegram, including co-op (2v2 etc), sports betting & more.
  • Open a fully fledged gaming website with both PvP and PvH (player versus house) games.
  • Release new AI bots on X / Instagram. The goal will be to gain followers and use our bots to advertise our games / platform.

Phase 3

  • Obtain a casino licence to allow us to further build out our gaming platform.
  • Release entire casino suite games (Blackjack, Plinko, Roulette, Poker…).


  • Telegram based PvP Games will be used to build a house for our casino.
  • Revenue will be split between buyback / burn TBD.
  • Burning mechanism:
    – Each game burns 4200 $jim
    – 27% of revenue used for buyback / burn (1.9% of 6.9)
    – Bounties for burn in our group (e.g. after 100 games play x million $jim will be burned)
  • Holding $JIM gives perks: Telegram private club, reduced rake % etc.