Jim AI Studios


420 Billionaire Club:

  • Exclusive Telegram group for advisors and Jim billionaires.
  • Get early announcements about our projects.
  • Access beta versions and new features before anyone else.
  • Receive exclusive merchandise and free NFT minting.
  • Enjoy free usage of our Web3 platform (limited capacity).

AI Studios:

  • Deliver exceptional projects for our first clients.
  • Integrate Jim AI into real-world products (Jim casino dealers, Jim game commentators etc)
  • Develop long-term partnerships with advertisers and key players in the AI field.
  • Establish Jim AI Studios as a recognized and respected brand.

Web3 Portal:

  • Our Web3 platform allows users to log in with their Crypto wallet and Twitter account.
  • Users can purchase various services from our AI bots using $jim.
  • Platform revenue will be divided between buy-backs/burns and staking.Here are some examples of the services users can purchase:
  • AI-generated timeline tweets or product promotions on other social media platforms.
  • Packs of tweets for brand exposure, featuring Jim wearing merchandise.
  • Targeted “roast” or other tweets directed at specific users during specific times.
    Custom tweets with personalized messages, such as “Josh sent me, enjoy the roast, Bryan.”
  • Blacklist management for adding or removing people.
  • In case all available posts for a specific timeline are sold out, an auction will be held, and the highest bidder will secure the service.
  • Additionally, users can access the 420 club, a leaderboard, and earn Jim for creating highly engaging posts

Token Burn:

  • 69 $Jim Tokens are burned each time @RoastHimJim responds to someone on Twitter. This will be expanded to other bots and platforms (Telegram, Instagram, etc.) which will increase the burn pace.
  • A small percentage of the locked LP tokens will be kept for potential major CEX listing, the remaining tokens will be burned.
  • Referral revenue earned from Rollbit and Unibot will be used to buy back and burn $jim tokens.

AI Bots:

  • Constantly launch new AI bots.
  • Expand the reach of our bots to platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook,
  • WhatsApp, email, Telegram, Discord etc.
  • Enable the bots to read and analyze pictures and videos.
  • Empower the bots to generate memes and other images.
  • Provide the bots with the capability to create animated roasts with voiceovers.


More to Come:

  • We are actively seeking more partnerships.
  • NFT pfp Jim collection.